Friday, May 2, 2008

Just Another Friday Morning with Lil Bear & The Short Bus

Preparing the fellahs to take over Xmastime after my inevitable sailboat drowning death. “…and if you wanna post a picture of Gordon, you go to this folder here…well. I guess they're all Gordon folders...”

Great. Mamalizza found some rum. Nap time, boys!

“Do it again; it’s not dead yet! Do it!” (cue Stand by Me)

Xmastime has just offered to babysit Lil Bear for a few hours. Lil Bear's face says it all. Hmm.

Turns out Xmas is actually busy, can't do it. Lil Bear collapses into Mamalizza’s arm with relief. Asshole!!!!

I see the McDonald’s cup of “diet Coke” has landed on the floor. Have another one, Mrs. Abdul!!

The fellahs!!!

Somehow, the fellas instinctively knew they should look away from the screen when Xmastime started Googling “two cups girls.” Good for them.

“I’ll take ‘Pictures that Eventually End Up as Evidence' for $1200, Alex.”

Shootin’ off some emails to a few ex-girlfriends. “Don't worry, they’ll never look up the IP address of this computer!” The boys light up cause I just typed the “I was bout done with you anyways!” quote from Footloose.

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