Thursday, May 29, 2008

You Call That "Strolling"???!

I think one more example of what a rushed, frantic society we are is the jogging stroller. Who came up with this shit? "Boy, I really need to go for a jog...but I also have this 3-month old baby I have to take care of...I got it!! I'll combine the two!" Sounds safe, right? Put the kid in a cart with wheels and then take off sprinting down the street like a bat outta hell. Hey, nothing can hit YOU; the baby and stroller, like my penis at the Pizza Hut Porn Awards, are a good 3 feet in front running interference!

Why not just shoot the kid out of a cannon and then sprint to try to catch him before he hits the ground? Christ.

ps - I actually image-Googled "baby getting shot out of a cannon." Hmm.

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