Thursday, November 6, 2008


Every morning when he walks in the door, The Manny makes a big deal he's there, with a whole song and dance routine. He acts like some sort of singing clown; "hiya buddy, looks who's here!! I'm here!!"

Yeah, no shit you're here, I can see you. Unlike you when you're more than 6 inches away from the tv and desperately trying to read today's episode description for BH 90210, I'm not fucking blind. Which is ironic, since when you walk in the room, all light disappears. And you're here every day, quit acting like it's such a fucking surprise. If I wanna be surprised by a fat fuck who can't drive a car, I'll build a chimney. Jesus christ. Does this dude have the memory of a goldfish? (which, by the way, he eats by the bag carton room.)

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