Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Manny Tapes

Today's Episode: WHY I AM THE BEST IN THE BIZ.

Xmas: how bout some rice n' beans, buddy?
Short Bus: no! NO rice n beans!!
Xmas: really? (lopping rice n beans onto plate)
Short Bus: no! no rice n beans!!
Xmas: you sure? camon! (bringing plate of rice n beans over to him)
Short Bus: no!! NO RICE N' BEANS!!!!!!!
Xmas: okay buddy (puts plate of rice n beans on table in front of Short Bus)
Short Bus: (looking at plate) what's this?
Xmas: Mexican food.
Short Bus: (starts eating)

"HAHAHAHAHHAA! Lemme guess, some asshole tricked you into eating a fucking bus? Beep beep, you fat fuck!!!!"

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