Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Manny Tapes

Oh wow, check this out - apparently some guy in NYC spends his days taking care of kids. Maybe you didn't catch that - a MAN is a primary caregiver for some children. And here he is, in the newspaper. Which makes sense, cause he must be some sort of super-hero, amazing guy. I bet his oversized penis also tutors poor kids after school. I wonder if he'll get invited to the White House? Can't Michael Phelps give him a few of his gold medals? Or his name will become synonymous with doing good deeds: "Dude, saving that puppy? You totally just pulled a Tullis." I mean, you live long enough, I guess you'll eventually see anything - including someone with testes spending the day with his children. Gee, if only we knew of OTHER men doing the same thing right now. But I guess that would be like finding another entire race of men living on the bottom of the ocean. How fucking Tullis would that be?

"There a phone number with the article?"

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