Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Manny Tapes (Final Chapter)

The end of the school year when I was a little kid was a bittersweet time - of course anybody's happy to not hafta go to school, but summer meant three things: extreme heat, an endless series of chores, and not seeing my friends. Yes, I was lucky to have Brothatime!!, but while I look back now and see it as lucky, it didn't always feel that way at the time.

Bittersweet is also the way I feel about Thursday being my last day as a Manny. We've both graduated and it's time to move on and I'm happy to have had such an experience, but I'm also sad to not have that day-to-day routine with Short Bus. We had great times and field trips and big moments, but sometimes it's the daily nothingness I think about, just sitting there for hours doing nothing but everything at once. Things that are earth-shattering one moment, forgotten the next. All the "first times" of his that we shared together on any random Wednesday afternoon, the hundreds of hours we spent together in our own world.

Ah well. Senior Year.

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