Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Manny Tapes

One funny thing about watching a baby crawl around on the floor is when they trip. Which, even as I'm watching it occur, I have no idea how this happens. On all fours motoring around; next thing you know, face down in the carpet. Yes, I could riff on that sentence for about another paragraph, but I'd like to keep a post clean, for once. Like trying to figure out who's buying all these Nickelback albums, the crawling trip remains a mystery. And while I'm not a tuff-guy Manny - usually any sign of upcoming crying and I'm Sir Hugs-a-lot - when he "trips" while crawling and looks up at me, firing up the waterworks, I'm like oh HELL no, I can't get on board with soothing you for this. Almost as bad as when my Grandma broke her hip while sitting in a chair. Man. Baffling.

"Hahahaha!!  Xmas, you WISH you could munch some rug, you fucking faggot!!!"

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