Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Manny Tapes

Another funny thing about babies you realize is here we are, the human race. Have dominated the planet like no other species in it's history, are at the absolute top of the food chain. We have no natural predators. We are, to be sure, the tits. But is there a species wherein a newborn is more helpless? A gnat has a kid and BOOM! baby gnat's flyin round looking for food. You lay a human newborn down on the ground and it just lays there til it dies, completely helpless. At no point does it think to itself "I don't think anyone's coming, I better figger out a way to get my own cable hooked up...."  Just lays there. Literally cannot do anything to ensure it's own survival. But when it grows up, it can potentially rule the Earth. Ain't that sumpin.

"Hahaha!!  I've fallen and Xmastime gets paid $8 a day to get me up, that fucking loser douchebag!!!"

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