Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Manny Tapes

I've mentioned here several times how batshit The Short Bus is for buses. We can't stroll down the street without him flailing around in the stroller screaming "bus! bus! bus!" and pointing. Sometimes even at an actual bus. But I've noticed that while he squeals with glee as we near a bus, actually being in a bus does nothing for him. As we approach the bus he's like a teenage girl at Shea in '65. Or me at a Hardee's. A kid in the candy store "busbusbusbusbusbsusbusbubs!!!" Then the second we're actually aboard the bus, nothing. He's looking around thinking "what the fuck happened? Where's the bus?"

Poor dude. Spends all day dreaming and obsessing about buses, then the second he's inside of one, he's bewildered and has no idea how to even enjoy it. Man.

"HAHAHAHAHA!! Sounds like you if you ever get laid, you stupid fat fuck!!!"

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