Friday, May 9, 2008


Spending a lot of time with a little kid means you’re gonna be spending some time with Curious George. We all know the books; just a bunch of “follow George around while he has fun/explores/gets in trouble” etc etc. Whatevs. And now there’s an animated show on PBS with Curious George, which The Short Bus goes apeshit over (pun, of course, intended.) So we’ve been watching it for awhile now, and I’ve just started to notice that every episode, George has a fucking J-O-B. What the fuck is this? When did this start? The Man in the Yellow Hat is getting squeezed by the economy too? Who was the wizard at this board meeting: “Yeah, okay, we’ll do a show with Curious George…but the bastard’s gonna have to pay his own fucking way.” I looked it up, and here’s some of the jobs George has taken:

Window Washer
Zoo Keeper
Dog Sitter
Door Man
Architect (sorry, Godsy…but it’s true.)
Train Master
Stain Remover
Plumber’s Helper
Curious George Takes a Job
Curious George Takes Another Job

Jesus christ. Now, what about people who actually have these jobs – gee, must be a good feeling that some cartoon is saying “not only could a monkey do your job, but one who is, sorry to say, a bit of an idiot.” Unreal. And in these days of such strong feelings re: illegal immigrants coming in and taking our jobs; really, is this the time to be saying “hell, we didn’t even bother giving your job to a Mexican, we skipped right over him and gave it to a fucking monkey”?

Hey, PBS hates Americans!!! Propagandist bullshit!!!!!!

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